The Story of the Chocolate Sprout

In 2014 the Quirky team wanted to create a new product that could change the world as we know it. Ambitious admittedly, but you have to aim high. So we took a closer look at a Christmas vegetable that's so often treated badly. The humble brussels sprout.

This poor little lost soul of a vegetable suffers from confidence issues due to the constant negative feedback it receives. Suddenly our mission became clear. What if we could make a sprout that everybody loved? A sprout so delicious that people would fight over to eat - even children!

It would have to look exactly like a sprout.. but taste as amazing ..good as.. chocolate.! And so the idea was born, and we shared our mission with our lovely chocolate maker Gillian. She set about the task and after much chocolate melting, rolling, mixing, and gooey green chocolate everywhere - EUREKA - the chocolate sprouts emerged from her kitchen in all their glory.

What happened next was beyond our wildest dreams. The world embraced our humble sprout! We made batch after batch and as each sprout emerged looking extraordinarily sprout like, it was in high demand. Each and every sprout went to a loving home where people young and old looked at this little green vegetable in a new light.

Our sprout story is a little tale of hope and happiness that we hope reminds you that you must never stop believing you can change the world. We're doing it right now - albeit it one sprout at a time!