About Us

Our Vision is to create the world's most beautiful and quirky collection of designer artisan chocolate. Our Values: To be inclusive and kind. Always.

Artisan chocolatiers from Scotland

It all began in 2008 when graphic designer Sandra Colamartino found a way to combine her two favourite things – beautiful design and delicious chocolate – by creating personalised chocolate bars in her small workshop in Edinburgh. Just a few years later we and now based in a former Art Deco school at the foot of Arthur's Seat. We have grown into a small, but perfectly formed independent business, operating our own chocolate kitchen. And the secret to our beautiful designer chocolate gifts? We combine the amazing talents of our in-house chocolatiers with the talents of independent illustrators, designers and creatives. We pay a royalty to the artists for each sale featuring their work, so by choosing Quirky Chocolate you're also supporting the independent creative community directly. It allows us to continue to bring you fresh and inspiring designs while we can concentrate on delivering you delicious new flavours. 

Designed with the environment in mind

We love coming up with fun and quirky new gifts for any occasion. But we want our gifts to be as good on the outside as they are on the inside. That’s why we use only plastic-free wrapping for our chocolate bars and Brussels Sprouts. And we are working hard on creating environmentally-friendly packaging for the rest of our products too, making sure that any plastic we do use can be easily recycled.

Sustainable Chocolate

It’s important that the chocolate we use not only tastes delicious, but sits well alongside our values. To learn more about the chocolate we currently use and our plans for the future, click here.

About Team Quirky

There's currently six core 'QuirkStars' and an eclectic mix of part time helpers who help us out during the seasonal spikes. We’re a quirky bunch of artists, graphic designers, tech gurus and chocolate experts. "To work at Quirky it's not about how qualified or clever you are. It's about sharing our values - everything else can be taught. I like to think of time spent here as a chance for people to grow skills which will be useful in other parts of life. From building self confidence to learning how to communicate in as way that gets the best out of each other. Also seeing first hand how to run a small business - they're not working here, they're actually attending Quirky University!" Sandra Colamartino, Founder. Meet the current QuirkStars here.

Inclusive & kind

Together as a team, we have shared what's important to us and what we value. For us, inclusivity and kindness are not a business policy, they're a way of life.  

Quirky Chocolate x