Meet Team Quirky Chocolate

Say hello to team Quirky - busy behind the scenes creating, making and delivering quirky products all year round...

Creative Director & Founder - Sandra Founder, designer and creator of all things quirky, a one woman tornado when in full flow. Never happier when designing new products and being bossed around by the Quirky Pup.  
Superpower: the ability to go totally deaf when designing
Quirkstar - Vicky

Operations Manager - Vicky
Most likely your first point of contact when you get in touch, Vicky is responsible for the day-to-day running of order production to ensure all orders are made perfectly and leave on time. She's also in charge of wholesale and B2B orders and production scheduling. Super organised when it comes to organising work flow, a women who loves a list!  
Superpower: Unflappable in a crisis

Production Manager - Esther
A graphic designer and all round superstar when it comes to processing and printing your orders and setting up artwork for Own Brand clients. Our resident Kiwi has been mastering the art of sourdough bread during lockdown. Superpower: Exceptionally patient with the Quirky printers

Assistant Production Manager - Fern
A dance instructor by trade, Fern found herself between jobs at lockdown and her change in circumstances has most certainly been our gain! When she's not packing your orders she's most likely to be on two wheels - she's taken up road biking this year. 
Superpower: You should see her happy dance every time you place an order! 


Production Assistant & Chocolate Helper Penny
Penny is a talented artist who juggles making time for her art while looking after her daughter Holly and packing your orders. When we're super busy Penny also steps into the chocolate room to roll chocolate sprouts and make chocolate bars.
Superpower: Capturing people likeness with her art - check out her Instagram page to see for yourself!

Chocolatier - Karin
A power house when it comes to making chocolate, Karin is originally from Germany and learnt her chocolate making skills in Switzerland. Her love of chocolate making has taken her to New Zealand and now Scotland. This is one well travelled chocolatier!
Superpower: She's super fast on a bike (did we mention it's electric!)


Quirkstar - Rebecca

Chocolatier - Rebecca
Busy mum Rebecca is often found working late into the evening making chocolate when baby is in bed! As well as chocolate making, Rebecca also looks after our monthly market stall where we test new products and get invaluable customer feedback.
Superpower: insanely cheerful at all times!

Quirkstar - Paul

Recycling and Sweeper Upper - Paul
As a business that makes things, we also make quite a lot of mess as we go! Luckily we have Paul to keep us in check. He joins us once a week and sweeps the floor, empties all our bins and takes all our cardboard out to be recycled. He has a knack of making us all more cheerful whenever he's around.
Superpower: brilliant at remembering dates

The QuirkStars - Part Time & Seasonal Helpers
Here at Quirky we like to ensure that the people we hire to assist when we are busy are allowed to work flexible hours that work for them too. This approach has allowed us to grow a small and loyal group of part time helpers who we can call on when we have a busy patch of orders to fulfil. From busy mums to a dance instructor, artists and PHD students, we value all our additional members of team quirky.

Quirkstar - Charlie

The Quirky Pup - Charlie
Introduced to Quirky as a tiny pup, Charlie particularly loves doing shuttle runs from one end of the office to the other. Strictly banned from the chocolate room, Charlie spends most of his office day hiding his toys and barking at delivery men. The postman is his favourite. 
Superpower: can out-stare anyone


Our Newest Recruit - Holly
Little sister to Charlie, Quirky Pup junior joined our team in January 2020. She has not been allowed in to the office much due to lock down, but is loving working from home and has adapted well to Zoom. 
Superpower:  can occasionally catch her own tail (it's very long)