Fairtrade Chocolate


Why being a Fairtrade supplier makes a difference

Fairtrade cocoa farmers are paid a Fairtrade Minimum Price for their goods, which acts as a safeguard when market prices drop. Organic production is incentivised with a higher Minimum Price.

On top of the Minimum Price, farmer organisations also receive a Fairtrade Premium which they invest in projects of their choice. Many farmers have used the Premium to improve their businesses and production, replacing old trees and investing in better facilities for crop collection, storage and transport, or processing.

The confectionary industry is highly consolidated, and Fairtrade works with key industry players to enable them to source large volumes of sustainably produced cocoa. More sales mean more benefits for farmers.

Fairtrade is also pushing the envelope to establish living incomes for small-scale farmers. If we want cocoa in the future, cocoa farmers need to earn a decent and viable living from their work.

By supporting smallholder farmers to organise themselves into small producer organisations – such as cooperatives and associations – farmers can negotiate better terms of trade and reach wider markets.

About The Cocoa Horizons Programme

Supporting Cocoa Farmers: The cocoa beans for our chocolate are bought as much as possible directly from farmer groups. This way, the farmers earn a better price for their crop yields and can improve their livelihoods. Cocoa Horizons reinvests a part in farmer training and farming tools to elevate farmers into experts. 

Empowering Women Farmers: Part of the revenue of this chocolate is invested in training programmes for women in West Africa. These programmes empower women in turning their entrepreneurial dreams into real business and become successful cocoa farmers. In turn, these women-farmers become financially independent and can support their families better.