Coronavirus Update

Hello - that's me with the specs on at the front. This selfie was our small team doing coronavirus group hug on 23rd March. 

From 24th March 2020 I have made the mind blowing - but right decision to send all staff home to minimise the spread of the virus. As a small business, I've been torn as to whether to shut down completely during the pandemic.

I have concluded that I can continue to serve online customers safely working in isolation. We have lots of chocolate made including Easter Eggs ready to send, and by keeping operational even in a small way, there is more chance that there may still be a business for my staff to come back to.

I'm so grateful that the government thrown us a lifeline by paying 80% of their wages until we're able to return to normal.

I am offering you free delivery for the duration of the Lock Down, and you are guaranteed to get a personal service, as I can guarantee - it will be me and only me packing your order! 

My brilliant team are on a special Quirky WhatsApp channel and are supporting me every step of the way. They have trained me well and told me - 'You Can Do It!' so I hope I don't let them or you down. 

I am going to process orders three times a week and all orders will be sent by Royal Mail. We have lots of chocolate made, and I have even designed some Morale Boosting chocolates bars which you can send with a message direct to your loved ones. 

We will get through this!

All the very best, Sandra, Owner, Quirky Gift Library