About Our Chocolate

As chocolate lovers, we adore the smooth taste of Belgian chocolate, so when we started making our own chocolate in 2016, we went to the chocolate making capital of Europe to source our chocolate supplier. After much taste testing we opted to work with the established and respected Belgian chocolate brand Belcolade.

As well as great tasting products, they also believe sustainability is a win-win relationship for each part of the cocoa supply chain, from the farmers to the consumers. All products in their range are ethically sourced, and are at a workable price for a small business like ourselves who cannot access the huge discounts larger manufacturers can achieve when buying in bulk.

We want to do more, and what's exciting about working with Belcolade, is they have an increasing range of chocolate products that have environmental sustainability and fairness to farmers at their core. From Rainforest Alliance, UTZ certified, Fairtrade and most recently Cacao-Trace, there are a lot of options to choose from and we're in the process of researching which option is the right one to transition to in 2021.

We have to be honest, as a small artisan chocolate manufacturer, we are nervous about the impact of Brexit and what might happen to the price of importing chocolate from Belgium at the start of 2021. That is why we are waiting until March 2021 to make the decision on which one is right to move to. Meanwhile, be rest assured that the Belcolade chocolate we are currently using is from a reputable supplier with the long term interests of the environment and farmer in mind. 

When we say we’re working on it, we mean it.

Quirky Chocolate