We started in 2008 with one simple mission: to make well designed quirky gifts that are a pleasure to give. 

Our first ever product was a set of chocolate bars which we called The Chocolate Library range - and we haven't stopped designing new bars since. Today The Chocolate Library has over 1000 unique designs. We are excited to let you know that The Chocolate Library bar collection is about to get a whole lot bigger! You will soon see the work of some of the UK's most talented independent designers exclusively on our artisan chocolate bars - watch this space!

As well as producing chocolate products, we have also been building an eclectic collection of quirky socks, notebooks and mugs - as well as our famous chocolate brussels sprouts! In 2014, working alongside our talented local chocolate partner, we came up with the world's most delicious chocolate brussels sprout - read more about this quirky product here

By Christmas 2015 the demand for our chocolate sprouts became so high that it was impossible for our local chocolate supplier to make enough. This led to the decision to invest in our very own chocolate manufacturing facilities in Edinburgh. That decision has led to us being able to make our delicious handmade chocolate in small batches every day. This ensures our chocolate is always lovely and fresh and we can play around with seasonal special edition flavours.

We have enjoyed becoming chocolate makers as well as product designers. Next we're really looking forward to working with other talented independent creative card designers and illustrators to keep all of our ranges exciting and current. We hope you enjoy our quirky range of products! 

Sandra Colamartino
Creative Director and Founder, Quirky Gift Library